Karan Jayachandra

Game: Assassin's Creed Unity

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

The Gist: The location is breathtaking. Everything else falls short because of repetitive events and shallow storylines. THe game itself could have been extremely entertaining if the main campaign was well written. Would have given it two stars if not for the location.

The Good

The setting of Unity is its strongest suit. Paris is bustling with activity during the French Revolution, the landmarks are exceptionally modelled. It however seems like the original plan was to allow for the campaign to run across multiple timelines such as the second world war and medieval Paris before deciding that it was too ambitious. The multiplayer aspect of it was quite fascinating, however I played the multiplayer missions offline. I prefer single player games because of the control it gives me on my playtime.

The Bad

Everything in the storyline falls short from previous editions of the game. Characters like Edward and Shay were relatable and real. Although the story captured my attention in the beginning with its connection to Shay’s activities, it soon fell short. The Assassin Order is quite forgettable as well. Although the map is littered with activities, they are quite boring and repetitive. It seems a few of them have been designed just to allow the player to get rewards.