Karan Jayachandra

Norm Macdonald

The Gist: I enjoyed Norm’s comedy and the world is a worse place without him in it.

If you haven’t seen Norm’s moth joke, here you go. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it definitely deserves a chance.

Norm Macdonald was one of my favourite comedians. His dry delivery and unique brand of comedy resonated with me. I was neither old enough nor exposed to Norm’s earlier work at Saturday Night Live or The Norm Show. But I came across Norm when travelling through the YouTube wormhole. I was instantly hooked and couldn’t get enough. His death has dealt a blow to comedy that may never fully heal especially when comedy is already bogged down with political correctness.

Rest In Peace Norm. You will be missed.

P.S. Please do yourself a favour and watch this segment with Norm on a talk shown with Conan. I haven’t laughed harder TV since.