Karan Jayachandra


The Gist: I would like to document my experiences in life and have started a blog. Please have a look at some of my entries if you are interested.

This is the first post to test the blog. More articles will follow soon.

I will mainly write about the projects I am working on, scientific concepts that I find interesting or about my passions. Please bear with me while I find my writing style and the motivation to write :). If you do have any suggestions, please contact using the links in the footer.

My motivation to write is to record my journey for posterity. I would like to live deliberately and blogging my experiences might make me think more consciously about the reasons I do the things that I do.

If you like the way this blog looks or would like to start one yourself, you can find all the documentation on Jekyll and the theme at Jekyll Theme Console. For more information on why I chose this format, read from the creator of the service itself here.